CFC Presents: Interview w Tracey M Bailey

Meet Tracey M. Bailey: The Voice of Angel City FC

In this episode of Casual FC, hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales welcome special guest Tracey M. Bailey, the renowned voice behind Angel City FC on iHeartRadio. They discuss Tracey's journey from being a professional soccer player to becoming a celebrated broadcaster, her personal experiences in sports, and her emotional connection to amazing Angel City moments. Tracey also shares insights on balancing family life with sports, the evolving landscape of women's soccer, and her dynamic broadcasting partnership with Isaac Lowenkron. Fans get a glimpse into the excitement and challenges of live game commentary, and Tracey’s commitment to promoting a positive and engaging narrative for women's sports.


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00:00 Introduction and Special Guest Announcement
01:30 The Art of Radio Commentary
03:51 Tracey M. Bailey's Sports Background
05:02 Family and Sports Upbringing
09:14 College Sports Journey
15:42 Balancing Academics and Athletics
22:31 Post-College Life and Parenting
26:16 Avoiding Burnout in Youth Sports
29:51 Injuries in Youth Sports
31:54 Transition to Broadcasting
33:24 First Broadcasting Experiences
35:02 Challenges and Growth in Broadcasting
44:27 Chemistry with Co-Commentator
46:22 Press Box Dynamics
48:54 Memorable Moments with Angel City FC
56:44 Future Prospects and Conclusion
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CFC Presents: Interview w Tracey M Bailey
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