6/8 Gotham FC Match Preview w/ Cooligans

1 Year of Casual FC! Angel City FC Insights & Gotham Match Preview with Christian Polanco

Join hosts Angela Morales and Mario Salazar in this special anniversary episode of the Casual FC podcast as they celebrate one year of fun, silly and insightful footy conversations. They welcome Christian Polanco from The Cooligans for a chat about Angel City FC's current state and their upcoming match against Gotham FC. Delve into player performances, key injuries, and the broader NWSL season context. Christian also talks about training for the TST tournament in North Carolina and shares behind-the-scenes stories involving players like Ali Krieger. Tune in for a blend of in-depth soccer analysis, humor, and community spirit. Don't forget to subscribe and support the show!

0:00 6/8 Gotham FC Match Preview w/ Cooligans
00:10 Welcome to Casual FC
02:58 This Ep: Gotham FC v ACFC - Where to watch
07:24 Thank you to the listeners & Happy 1 year to US
12:23 Chaos Award
13:53 Roundabout Scores for the NWSL Matchweek 10
15:15 Match Recap: ACFC v SD Wave
23:21 Fan Reactions
31:13 The Standings
35:01 Interview with Christian Polanco from the Cooligans
49:41 Match Preview: Gotham FC
01:06:05 Players to watch: Angel City FC
01:17:44 Reminder where to watch and listen
01:18:50 Support the pod
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6/8 Gotham FC Match Preview w/ Cooligans
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