6/30 PRIDE Pride - Orlando Pride Match Preview

In this intense episode of Casual FC, hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales delve into the roller-coaster performances of Angel City FC. We discuss the upcoming Pride match against Orlando Pride and the critical issues the team has been facing, from chaotic scheduling to player fatigue. We also bring you details on how to catch the match and insights from fans. Don't miss our heartfelt footy therapy session as we vent and analyze what's going on with our beloved team.

⚽️ vs Orlando Pride at 4:30pm
🏟️ BMO Stadium
📺 NWSL+, Golazo Network, Bally Sports, Paramount+
🎙️ iHeartRadio & 1330AM Tu Liga Radio


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00:00 Introduction and Hosts
01:14 Match Preview: Pride vs. Pride
01:22 Broadcast and Giveaway Details
02:53 Chaos in the League: Scheduling and Firings
07:23 Midweek Matches Recap
09:40 Frustration and Analysis: ACFC vs. Bay FC
17:57 Fan Reactions and Opinions
22:22 Lost in the Sauce: Team Struggles and Frustrations
22:42 Ethan's Haiku and the Final Third
24:15 Defensive Woes and Deedee's Heroics
26:17 Current Standings and Playoff Hopes
27:48 Challenge Cup Strategy and Experimentation
29:10 Player Performance and Team Dynamics
30:54 Fan Support and Market Competition
33:38 Previewing the Pride Match
35:04 Barbara Banda: A Rising Star
42:18 Olympic Plans and Upcoming Matches
43:13 Match Day Details and Fan Fest
44:46 Closing Remarks and Listener Engagement
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6/30 PRIDE Pride - Orlando Pride Match Preview
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