CFC Presents: Interview with Jackie Gutierrez from Women Kick Balls

Hey everyone, it’s Angela here from Casual FC! In this super chill episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Jackie, the powerhouse behind Women Kick Balls. We've been itching to get her on the show since day one because, honestly, Jackie is just dope. We dove right into her journey of braving the sports journalism world, a path she boldly chose despite being told it was a dying field. And let me tell you, the story behind the name 'Women Kick Balls' is as cool as it gets, partly inspired by Sydney Leroux’s Twitter bio and fully backed by the most important men in her life. We also got into the nitty-gritty of the NWSL season - from the excitement around expansion teams and rookies to the curious case of off-season moves and the ever-rotating coaching carousel. Jackie shared some insightful and funny experiences from attending games, navigating the sports journalism world, and the importance of representation in media. And yes, there were lots of laughs, some insider's look into the freelancing grind, and anticipation for what's shaping up to be a bonkers NWSL season. And of course, we couldn’t help but get a bit nostalgic about the legends of the game while looking forward to the fresh faces. So, hit play and join us for an episode filled with soccer love, giggles, and maybe a tiny bit of fangirling over Jackie and everything she's doing over at Women Kick Balls.


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00:00 Introduction and Behind the Scenes
00:32 Welcome to the Podcast and Guest Introduction
01:54 Jackie's Journey in Soccer Journalism
01:58 The Birth of 'Women Kick Balls'
04:26 Jackie's Freelance Life and Soccer Coverage
05:09 Fun Interactions and Stories
06:10 Recalling the Draft Day
11:24 Looking Forward to the New Soccer Season
11:32 Excitement for New Teams and Rookies
12:39 Anticipation for Off-Season Moves and Coaches
13:46 Reflecting on Changes in the League
15:20 Discussing Age and Athletic Performance
15:49 Reflecting on Soccer Legends
16:42 Anticipating the Energy of West Coast Teams
17:21 Debating Time Zones and Game Schedules
19:50 Experiencing Soccer as a Fan
21:13 Navigating the World of Sports Journalism
24:40 Anticipating the Upcoming Soccer Season
27:13 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward
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CFC Presents: Interview with Jackie Gutierrez from Women Kick Balls
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