CFC Presents - Interview with Elizabeth Emery

Engage in robust discussions with hosts Angela Morales and Mario Salazar of Casual FC, and their special guest Elizabeth Emery, the host of Hear Her Sports podcast. Explore the importance of representation in sports, the unique advantages of being female athletes, fans and personal experiences of limited exposure to various sports. Discussion also touches the potential of a pro women's team in Cleveland, given the impact of Angel City's fan base in LA. Simultaneously, delve into the mentality of a 'forever athlete' transitioning out of a competitive sports environment, focusing on maintaining athleticism while reducing competition and finding joy in movement and participation. These dialogues evoke admiration for athletes' hard work and strategies and nurture hope for increased exposure of women's sports.

00:33 Introduction and Casual FC Preview
00:38 Guest Introduction: Elizabeth Emery, Host of Hear Her Sports Podcast
01:32 Discussing the Importance of Women's Sports Podcasts
02:46 The Diversity and Range of Women's Sports
09:12 The Importance of Representation in Sports
16:32 Elizabeth's Journey as a Pro Cyclist
21:47 The Impact of Women's Sports on Communities
28:31 The Role of Supporters Groups in Women's Sports
39:05 The Importance of Expanding Women's Sports
39:36 The Growth of Women's Sports Watch Parties
40:35 Challenges and Solutions in Broadcasting Women's Sports
41:42 The Impact of Increasing Accessibility to Women's Sports
42:25 The Evolution of Women's Sports Bars
42:49 The Struggle of Balancing Sports and Life
43:30 The Power of Community in Women's Sports
45:36 The Future of Women's Sports Broadcasting
46:02 The Dream of a Women's Sports Network
51:11 The Influence of Sports on Personal and Professional Life
54:18 The Role of Sports in Personal Development
01:01:37 The Impact of Sports on Career Success
01:03:29 The Power of Passion in Sports
01:06:44 The Importance of Representation in Sports
01:09:08 The Role of Sports in Building Resilience
01:10:57 The Power of Sports in Building Community

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CFC Presents - Interview with Elizabeth Emery
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