CFC Presents: Interview with Catherine Dávila

This episode features a deep dive into the world of Angel City FC, with discussions on its unique charm, importance of community, inclusivity, and fan culture. The discussion, involving Catherine Dávila from the Angel City front office, covers her diverse career journey and underlines the integral role of the community in shaping the team's identity and activities. The podcast sheds light on the milestones, outreach efforts, and the balance between being a business and driving social good, with an outlook on deepening community engagement for the third season. It also explores the evolution of professional women's soccer in LA, the impact of fan culture and exciting expectations for the upcoming season.

00:32 Introduction and Casual Chat
03:37 The Role of Community Supporters Groups
04:18 The Journey of the Podcast
06:51 The Origin Story of Community Cat
09:27 The Challenges and Triumphs of Women's Soccer
11:51 The Impact of Angel City FC
14:28 The Importance of Representation in Sports
17:00 The Future of Angel City FC
44:47 The Importance of Investing in Women's Soccer
45:23 The Vision for Angel City's Future
46:02 The Impact of Community Engagement in Sports
47:25 The Role of Activism in Sports
49:41 The Challenges and Triumphs of Angel City's Street Team
52:27 The Journey of Jade, the ACFC Van
55:22 The Importance of Authentic Community Engagement
56:44 Looking Forward to Season Three of Angel City
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CFC Presents: Interview with Catherine Dávila
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