CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - Rebellion 99

Community and Support Series - Get to know 1 of the 6 official Supporters Groups (SGs) that make up the heart and soul of La Forteleza in the north end of the stadium.

In this episode of Casual FC, hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales talk with Tory of the founding Supporters Group Rebellion 99. Tory discusses their Costa Rican roots, their lifelong love for soccer and their coaching career. They share details about the formation and mission of Rebellion 99, highlighting their community spirit and connection to Angel City FC. The conversation also includes Tory's impressions of some memorable games and players, and her hopes for fostering further fan engagement.

00:00 Introduction and Casual FC
00:56 Getting to Know Tory
03:17 Tory's Soccer Journey
05:04 Tory's Coaching Career
08:10 Tory's Favorite Soccer Memories
14:55 The Formation of Rebellion 99
17:30 The Mission and Community of Rebellion 99
19:10 Trading Cards and Nostalgia
21:29 The Joy of Collecting Pins and Trading Cards
22:13 The Importance of Representation in Sports
25:00 Memorable Moments with ACFC
28:56 The Excitement of Away Games and Rivalries
29:53 Engaging with the Rebellion 99 Community
31:30 Upcoming Events and Plans for the Season
37:02 Final Thoughts and Encouragement to Join the Rebellion
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CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - Rebellion 99
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