CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - PodeRosas

Community and Support Series - Get to know 1 of the 6 official Supporters Groups (SGs) that make up the heart and soul of La Forteleza in the north end of the stadium.

Hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales engage in an insightful conversation with Emily and Myte from PodeRosas, a supporters group for Angel City FC. They discuss their personal stories, experiences in the sports world, and how they got involved with PodeRosas. The conversation centers on building a family-friendly, queer-friendly, women-centered community within the football fandom, rooted in social justice and activism. They discuss the group's formation, activities, mission, and their plans and expectations for the upcoming season. The podcast recognizes the crucial role of supporters groups as a vibrant, collective voice and community in soccer.

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00:33 Introduction and Welcoming the Hosts
00:53 Getting to Know the Supporters Group: PodeRosas
01:47 Personal Stories: How Emily and Myte Got Involved in Soccer
03:28 The Birth of PodeRosas: A Women-Centered Supporters Group
14:21 The Journey of Joining PodeRosas
17:28 The Importance of Community in PodeRosas
19:43 The Challenges and Rewards of Running a Supporter Group
20:07 The Significance of the Capitalized 'R'
21:03 Memorable Moments with Angel City
21:49 Experiencing the World Cup
22:26 The Joy of Away Games
27:14 Finding Your Supporter Group
29:01 Engaging with the Community
33:15 Looking Forward to the 2024 Season
35:40 Wrapping Up and How to Support the Podcast
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CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - PodeRosas
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