CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - Mosaic 1781

Community and Support Series - Get to know 1 of the 6 official Supporters Groups (SGs) that make up the heart and soul of La Forteleza in the north end of the stadium.

Hosts Angela Morales and Mario Salazar share their deep passion for soccer, focusing on their interview with Ruby Badio, a member of the Angel City supporter group 'Mosaic 1781'. They reflect on the group's formation, its diverse membership, community activities, and their personal journeys from soccer fans to lead supporters. The podcast is not just about sharing experiences; it's also a platform for fostering the community spirit of 'Mosaic 1781'. 

00:31 Introduction and Casual Banter
01:04 Getting to Know the Guest: Ruby from Mosaic 1781
04:28 Ruby's Soccer Journey and Connection to Angel City
06:55 The Impact of Soccer in Ruby's Life
15:06 The Formation and Vibe of Mosaic 1781
20:34 Mosaic 1781's Community Involvement and Tailgate Culture
27:41 The OGs and the Passion for Soccer
28:23 The Vibe of Enjoying Soccer at Different Levels
29:04 The Diversity and Unity in Soccer Fans
29:43 The Emotional Connection with the Team
31:24 The Excitement and Disappointment in Soccer Games
32:40 The Personal Interactions with Soccer Players
37:25 The Love and Passion for the Team
38:23 The Community Building in Soccer
43:53 The Future Plans and Events of Mosaic 1781
51:10 The Importance of Supporter Groups in Soccer
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CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - Mosaic 1781
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