CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - AC Valkyries

Community and Support Series - Get to know 1 of the 6 official Supporters Groups (SGs) that make up the heart and soul of La Forteleza in the north end of the stadium.

In this episode of the Casual FC podcast, hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales interview Heather Borjon, the president of the Angel City Valkyries Supporter Group. Heather shares her journey and connection with soccer, highlighting how she met her husband at a U.S Women's National Team game. She also discusses the formation of Valkyrie, its unique supporter culture and its impact on Angel City FC. Heather shares her exciting experiences as a capo during the games, her favorite memories including the first home opener at BMO. They discuss anticipated games, the importance of fan support, and the collective energy they bring to every game.

00:33 Introduction and Welcoming the Guest
01:33 Getting to Know the Guest: Heather from Angel City Valkaries
03:08 Heather's Journey into Soccer
07:45 The Role of Supporters in Soccer Culture
09:04 The Formation of Angel City Valkaries
15:19 Heather's Favorite Soccer Memories
18:42 Experiencing the Game from the Capo Stand
19:36 Emotional Connection to Women's Sports
19:56 The First Challenge Game in Fullerton
21:09 The Power of the Supporters
22:22 The Impact of the First NWSL Game
23:24 The Thrill of the NWSL Final Game
25:36 The Unforgettable Game Against Portland
28:34 The Unique Experience of Being a Capo
32:18 Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season
35:07 Wrapping Up the Conversation
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CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - AC Valkyries
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