CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - AC Pandemonium

Community and Support Series - Get to know 1 of the 6 official Supporters Groups (SGs) that make up the heart and soul of La Forteleza in the north end of the stadium.

Hosts Mario Salazar and Angela Morales of Casual FC are joined by guests Shayla and Kris from the Supporters Group, AC Pandemonium. They discuss their early introduction and collective love for soccer, their experiences watching women's soccer, and the formation and ethos of AC Pandemonium. The group values radical inclusion and aims to foster a vibrant supporter culture. Their favorite ACFC memories, various game experiences, and encouragement for others to join the community are also shared.

00:31 Introduction and Welcoming Guests
01:11 Getting to Know the Guests: Shayla and Kris
02:38 The Age Gap and Its Impact
04:17 The Evolution of the Supporter Group
07:08 The Importance of Community in Sports
10:02 The Journey to Soccer and the Formation of Pandemonium
20:49 The Role of Pandemonium in the Soccer Community
31:21 The Art of Succinct Communication
32:29 The Struggles of Non-Native English Speakers
33:29 Teaching English in Asia: A Personal Perspective
34:13 The Power of Podcasts
34:25 Memories of Soccer and Sports
35:53 The Impact of Women's Soccer
44:10 The Turning Point in Angel City's History
46:15 The Joy of Winning and the Pain of Losing
49:37 The Role of Supporters in Soccer Culture
51:00 The Future of Angel City and Women's Soccer

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CFC guide to: Supporters Groups - AC Pandemonium
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